Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Over The Moon

Please God don't ever let me say this. Don't ever let me say, if I'm pleased about something, no matter how pleased I am, don't ever let me say that I'm 'over the moon'. Just kill me if I ever say that.

It's not that I dislike all cliches. I'm partial to 'Mmmm doughnuts,' and 'Sweet' a la Simpson and Griffin and I quite like 'Way!' as a shorthand for 'Way to go.' A North American friend once told me that's what all the American wallies say to one of their number if he does something they approve of.

And how I hate the expression 'killer' when it is used to describe heels or curves. So Rihanna's got killer curves. No she hasn't. She's got an attractive, shapely figure. Who's she going to kill with it? Then killer heels. Spare me. Obviously heels could, at a pinch, be used to kill someone but I'm not really seeing it. And 'working it' is another over used phrase from the cheap fashion pages that I loathe.

Then 'journey'. So you're a 'celebrity' on a reality show. Maybe it's 'Dancing on Ice' and you've just been told to go home and you'll be gasping out about what an incredible 'journey' you've been on. Very good. You learned a new skill. You skated your heart out. You're going home. That wasn't a journey. It was just another job.

I've saved my most hated expression to last. Can you guess what it is? I have a grand daughter. She is amazing. I love her. She is gorgeous and probably the most intelligent person born in 2009. But if I ever hear anyone calling her a 'Princess' I will kill them (with my killer curves). Some little girls might want to buy into that princess shit but my Miss Martha is better than that. Princess my arse! And if you are one of those parents or grandparents who refer to your female child as a 'princess' you are a wee bit sick. Who the fuck would want to be a princess? Kate - it's not too late. I know the tea towels have been printed but you can still get out.


grannymar said...

A term I hate is 'The Grandogs' Never will I refer to Buffy as a Grandog. She is Elly & George's dog. Full stop!

Hails said...

I hate "awesome", and am in a crowd of friends who seem to use it constantly. Every time I hear it, it grates off another little sliver of my will to live.

Here in Korea, they're very into the 'Princess' thing. By the time they're about 4, most of the little girls will tell you that they're princesses, and will draw pictures of themselves in gowns and tiaras - one or two have even claimed that they won't need to get jobs when they're older because they are "pretty princesses".

Nelly said...

My MIL hates that sort of thing too Grannymar - any attempt that suggests that dogs have human relationships with us. I'm afraid I'm less than sensible about it myself but Grandogs is going far too far. Zoe's dogs are simply our dog's cousins (they'e not) but not my 'grandogs'.

The princess cliche is a marketing tool. Tell a little girl she's a princess and she'll pester her daft parents into buying her heaps and yards of pink princessy tat. I blame the Disney Corporation which is EVIL.

Miss Martha will despise princesses. She is going to be a VET when she grows up. Or something like that.

hootchinhannah said...

Yay, I can't wait for Miss Martha to be a vet. She will no doubt be a much better vet than the one I took Rocky to.

Nelly said...

Couldn't fail to be Hannah.

Hayley, I'm like afraid I'm like an abuser of the like 'awesome' word.

Anonymous said...

Well, I was going to say that I have no worries about Ms. Martha being anything but a spectacular woman in later life because she's surrounded by an "awesome" family.

Guess I better not.;-)


ps Is it safe to say that Disney is the evillest?

Marie said...

Killer curves certainly exist!! I warned John and another of his friends that the very fit curvy girl in the circus would certainly kill the two off them!

Nelly said...

Anne - you never fail to put a happy smile on my face.

Marie - you may have a point. These old lads need to watch themselves when they hang out at the circus.

Ronni said...

"Way" may mean that now, but it had a different origin. It came from "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure," and is the opposite of "No way!" As in:

"Dude! I'm going to see (insert name of latest hot band)!"

"Dude! No way!"


Nelly said...

It was a Canadian told me that Ronni, so maybe it's different up North.