Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Shrove Tuesday

Matty and I had a good day yesterday. She was in good form, we took a drive out and she had a wee walk around the garden.

Today wasn't as good. I woke up feeling that, at sometime during the night, someone had trailed me out of bed and given me a sound kicking. No doubt the result of my tumble in the birch wood yesterday.

After breakfast I had a little chat with Matty about my hopes for getting a bit of home leave this weekend. She took a sour view of it. And got in a bit of a mood. When a body is spending the best part of fourteen hours a day with another body things can get intense. I kept my head but it made me feel down.

At least we had Zoe and Miss Martha for a couple of hours and we had pancakes. And I got a whole twenty minutes walk over to the Pipe Road. I made Matty promise she wouldn't move an inch from her chair. Despite this precaution I spent the entire twenty minutes fretting that I'd find her in a heap when I returned. It certainly added an inch to my step! She was good, never budged at all.

Tomorrow I expect to have lots of respite and I'm looking forward to it.


Brighid said...

Good for you to get out for a bit. I spent the morning with the CPA, then went to the quilt store to get a bottle of Mary Ellen's Best Press...
Take it easy on your walks, none of us want You laid up.

Nelly said...

After spending the morning with the CPA (accountant?) I'd have been heading for the bottle store for a restorative.

I looked up Mary Ellen's Best Press too. An ironing aid? I'd love to make Miss Martha a quilt, I have the pieces collected but no sewing machine at the moment.

I will try to quit tumbling but it's not easy. I crash through undergrowth like a buffalo.