Monday, September 26, 2011

Sleep Over

barrowful of winter pansies, originally uploaded by NellyMoser.

Miss Martha is having her first sleep over tonight. She chose a pig pillowcase, brushed her teeth, (weighed herself), fell off the standing stool, bounced on her camp bed, had me read the book Hayley bought her while she read Peter Rabbit, then we swapped - I read Peter Rabbit while she read Hayley's book (The Little Mole Who Knew It Was None Of His Business), then I told her a story of my own invention.

With my grandchild apparently settled I phoned Zoe to tell her so.

Five minutes later a little voice, "Ganny?"

I went up. She was standing behind her little safety gate like a forlorn prisoner. "Want to get up." I told her, "No. It's sleepytime." She went back to bed. We chatted. I tried to reassure her. She said, "Mummy not here?" I told her it was so but that she would see her in the morning. Separated at night for the first time in her life - it's a big deal. Got to go now. Check she's OK.


Anonymous said...

London sister says what a milestone - sounds lovely x

ganching said...

Hope you both had a good night.

Nelly said...

Martha had a good night. I hardly slept a wink. Then she called me at 6:45am. But it was a milestone and, all in all, it went well.

Anonymous said...

"...then she called me at 6:45am".

The making of many happy memories for you both.

My own daughter would bounce up with "Nana! The birdies are singing!" and my mother who slept 'til 10 all my life, would snap to it!

That's a lovely picture too.


Nelly said...

She's coming over today for an all day visit. But last night I had such a great sleep!