Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Ride A Cockhorse

Sometime in the very early sixties

That is Bert on his rocking horse. The picture was taken in the yard. I expect he soon outgrew his toy for it spent decades in the attic of this house. Eventually, while the renovation was going on, it ended up in a shed. Then a few years ago Bert dragged it out and repainted it.

Fifty years later - Miss Martha and Cockhorse

The first time Martha played on Bert's old rocking horse I recited the following poem.

Ride a cockhorse to Banbury Cross
To see a fine lady on a white horse
Rings on her fingers
And bells on her toes
She shall have music wherever she goes

I remember Matty reciting this version to me when I was a little. Bert never named his horse but Martha decided straight away that Cockhorse should be its name.


Anonymous said...

great to see this wonderful toy being brought back into use x London Sister

Nelly said...

She was playing on it this evening. Said, "Go Banbury Coss."

Cuidado said...

I'm known by all my nieces , kids and grandkids for thin. One niece called me Aunt Horse till she started calling me Aunt Shell because I brought mussels to the house.