Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Disgusted of Cully

In the early days of Flickr I routinely accepted contact invitations from people I did not know. These days I am rather more suspicious and check a prospective contact's photostream before agreeing. This came about a few years back when I noticed that a perfectly sweet and decent photograph of Pearlie and Aunt Lizzie had attracted a lot of interest. I checked the commenters' profiles and got a horrible shock. I regret to say that these were men with a special interest in the elderly. Each to their own, as the saying goes, but not on my photostream you won't!

Then there were the specialists who took, in my view, an unhealthy interest in some pictures of my friend's horse-trodden toe. I had to block toeamps99 - the weirdo.

In the past two days I've had two new contact invitations both from middle-aged, podgy men. One had only a few photographs up. They were of his wife, who looked a lot like Marcia Falkender. He seemed to welcome salacious and creepy comments from other men about how beguiling she was. Aaargh! Begone horrid man. And then another unwelcome invitation today from a goofy French-sounding man. His entire photostream consisted of five unflattering pictures of a male person, I assume to be himself, with greasy hair, wonky teeth and fat slug lips. His interests he stated to be swingers and teen moms - the brute! Blocked.

Does anyone else have this problem? I do have pictures of elderly ladies, I do have pictures of sore toes, I do have a few pictures of young women holding babies - none of whom are teen moms. They might be teen aunties, or teen big sisters, or teen the girls next door, or even moms that look a bit teen but aren't and are me many, many years ago.

Perhaps I should stick to posting photographs of Slemish and gardens and flowers as these seem not to attract weirdoes. I can't even be sure that there aren't people out there getting off on my photographs of dogs. I am also going to have to consider changing my Flickr icon as it makes me look far too free-spirited and fun-loving. Which I'm not.


Clairenewcastle said...

Yes, I've had a same problem on flickr.
In my case it's four photos of Laura Ashley hankerchiefs which I posted (in my "Home" set).
I don't want to name-and-shame but they were favourited by one individual. Natural curiosity led me to their selection of "Favourites".....all of which were photos of hankies. They'd lots of blanked out photos which fell outside the safe-filter so I investigated gawds.
101 things to do with a hankerchief.

This is actually very common from what I see, but SORE TOES?
It's a strange world.

Nelly said...

The mind boggles! I'd never have guessed that handkerchiefs could be fetishised. I suppose a resource like Flickr must be fertile ground for those with less usual tastes and interests. Did you block your hanky (panky) person?

Andrea from Neath said...

O Lord the depravity of some human beings! Should I post a pic of the blackened toe nail that I currently sport? I am just relieved we aren't having sandal weather as it could turn a (normal) person's stomach!

Clairenewcastle said...

You know, it never occurred to me to block them!
Thanks for the suggestion, I'll go and do so now.

Nelly said...

Sorry to hear about your toe Andrea. No doubt there is at least one strange and unusual person out there who would enjoying looking at any pictures you might post.

Claire - blockem!