Monday, January 07, 2013


I have been feeling rather flat this past week. First of all there was the post-Christmas slump, then there was a nuisance of a head cold and then there was the dank and gloomy weather. Even the antics of the pup were not sufficient to pull me from the doldrums.

At this particular time Bert has to be out of the house during office hours. He is on business that must be done and I am left alone with dogs, cats, pigs and Pearlie. I told myself I had to to pull myself together. So this morning, the first morning of Bert's absence I decided to list my achievements as the day progressed. I made this decision in bed so my first achievement was -

1. Get out of bed.

This was swiftly followed by -

2. Attend to Pearlie's morning needs.
3. Attend to the morning needs of hens, pigs and dogs. Cats do not have morning needs.
4. Get out of bed. (Because I returned there after meeting the morning needs of livestock and old ladies.)

By then I had four achievements and it wasn't even ten o'clock! I can tell you that this cheered me up so much that I didn't even bother counting any further achievements.

Onwards and upwards!


John Gray said...

Hello nellie
Best wishes
John from wales

Brighid said...

Nellie... You go girl! It's noon here and I have accomplished "diddly squat" which is as close to nothing as one can get...

Nelly said...

Hello John! Welcome to the garden. I've been taking a look at yours. Envious that your hens have started laying. Mine aren't!

Brighid - I have many mornings like that. sometimes i deserve them and sometimes I don't.

Anonymous said...

Cousin Mary, sometimes i worry about you!

Mage said...

No hens here but I've got your head cold. Love your morning adventures.

Grannymar said...

I am a day late and am wondering what else you got up to since yesterday!

Keep going girl, you are doing well. Soon you will be jumping out of bed like a lilty! Roll on the bright mornings.

Nelly said...

I racked wine like a demon, cleaned house, went for a walk, had liver for dinner, watched Boardwalk Empire and had the best night's sleep in quite a while.