Thursday, February 07, 2013

Painting Time

Martha said,

Granny. I want to put my smock on and paint.
OK. Let's go upstairs and get the paints.

She spotted some acrylic paint.

I want those.
Those are for big people. You can have the ones you used last time. 
But I'm a big girl now. 
Well. You'll have to wear an apron as well as your smock because you wouldn't want to get paint on the new pinafore your mummy made you.

I squirted out a blob of every colour and I showed her how to mix them to make different colours. Red and white for pink, red and yellow for orange, blue and red for purple. She was very absorbed. But before long she was mixing too many colours together and I explained that she would end up with a sludgy grey or brown colour. But she was enjoying herself and I thought it best to let her learn from experience. While she was mixing her colours I  left the kitchen to get something something from the freezer. Evie and I became rather engrossed out there and I started looking for rhubarb to make another batch of wine. We were less than five minutes. When I went back to the kitchen I found that Miss Martha had created a dark, dark colour and....

...she had painted


Big girls! You couldn't take your eyes off them for a minute.


Grannymar said...

That brings back memories!

Nelly said...

Wish I'd remembered the bit about supervision! Still - it was funnier the way it happened.

Mage said...

And she ate some...ewwww.

Cute too.

John Gray said...

Dirty little bugger

Anna said...

OMG! Your little Martha is growing up so fast! I haven't been on the computer for eons - had terrible tendonitis in both hands. Now they are improved, so, of course, had to check on NellyBert. She is adorable and definitely one who will paint outside the lines. Love it!