Monday, March 04, 2013

A Weekend In Fanad

I went to the Fanad peninsula in Donegal over the weekend with Miss Martha, Miss Evie, their parents and Judy. We stayed in a caravan just beside Ballyhiernan Bay. It is next to a big beautiful beach which the girls loved.

I was very agitated and worried before I went but returned in a far calmer frame of mind. The only snag was the usual one, Martha will wake up at around 6 a.m. and will be very loud and noisy. Judy was not impressed. I had to tell Martha stories. My favourite was the story of a girl who lives in an empty house and each morning there is a box outside her door with something she needs. At first Martha was sensible. The girl had some basic clothing, a dog basket, a blanket and porridge.

So all the girl had to eat was porridge and every night she had to sleep in a dog basket with a really thin blanket but when she woke up in the morning there was a box outside her door. What do you think was in it?
A beautiful yellow dress.
So the next night the girl had to sleep in a dog basket with a really thin blanket and she had nothing to eat all day but porridge. The next morning she woke up cold and hungry and outside her door was a box. What do you think was in it?
A lovely pink skirt.

A fashionista in the making for sure.


Brighid said...

I see a sparkly future for your little fashionista! Enjoy her, they grow up sooo very fast.

Nelly said...

She loves dressing up Brighid. Check her out here.

Mage said...

Just a lovely entry. I must remember that story to tell my youngest granddaughter. Thank you.

Leitrim sister said...

was checking out fanad it looks really nice. It is over three hours from here. That Donegal is very big but we will deffo meet up there some time soon.

Nelly said...

Happy to share Mage. Yes Dede, definitely meet up in Donegal some time soon.

Ronni said...

I will use that story with my grands, too. Awesome!

Nelly said...

Thanks Ronni.