Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Night Time Hypochondriac

In the dark of the night when the cramping in my right leg keeps me awake I find myself imagining all kind of terrible outcomes. I'm an optimistic old stick when the sun shines but the wee small hours are quite  a different matter. The best I can wish for is a blood clot, hope I can get to the hospital before I take a stroke. The worst is, of course, cancer. Morning comes, I hop out of bed, gingerly put my foot to the floor and all is well. I can practically hop, skip and dance. The day wears on, the knee starts to ache, I start to limp and by evening it's the hip and by bedtime shin, ankle  and thigh muscles are gowpin.* Paracetamol (and sometimes wine) takes care of the pain but the cramps do not ease.

Eventually, more than six weeks after the initial injury, I saw the doctor. She examined it thoroughly and pronounced it tendonitis. Says she suffers from it herself because she likes to run. Said I ought to rest more, said she ought to rest a bit more herself. We agreed it wasn't easy. I got Ibufren, a stomach pill to help me take Ibufren and a lotion. The latter two are medicines that Pearlie takes. Now we are practically twins! Twin crocks.

But I'm happier now. No more night time hypochondria. I just have to take a bit more care of myself to be able to get into this tree house. It's not quite finished yet but that isn't stopping us from picking the furniture.

A photo taken last Sunday by Hannah Banana.

And just to prove that I am actually aware of what goes on outside Cully here is a photograph of President Obama leaving Northern Ireland, taken today by my friend Brian.

* gowpin - adjective, from Ulster-Scots - throbbing with pain.


Brighid said...

When I start to get muscle spasms in my legs, I take a couple of potassium pills and I'm good for quite a while.
Yep, Obummer is off to Africa on a little $100 million dollar vacation, I hope he stays in Africa. We can't afford him in more ways than one!

Nelly said...

Tried to get potassium pikks today but the pharmacist told me I'd need a prescription! I'm sure that's not true.

Regarding security for the G8 - it was unbelievable but, to tell the truth, we were mostly rather proud to have it in our tiny little country. Do you know that you could fit nearly 50 Northern Irelands into the state of Texas?

And I have to tell you, we Norn Ironers, all of us, rather like American presidents, especially Democrats. Strange but true.

Mage said...

I'm so glad it's just tendonitis. With me it was a clogged up artery. Ugg! Great shot of Air Force One. So take it easy, already. :)

Cuidado said...

I'm about to make an appt to see my doctor for leg pains too. It feels like specific parts in my bones and wakes me at night. I have already taken Anaproxen at bedtime for my arthritis and bad hip. I'm trying my best to age gracefully but, missing sleep is making it difficult.

Nelly said...

As they say, this getting old is not for sissies.

ganching said...

I have started getting leg cramps at night and wake up crying. Very, very annoying.

Nelly said...

Possibly potassium deficiency. Eat more bananas and dulse. It really is the worst. Could be from the intense workout you gave your leg muscles whilst walking the Camino.

I massage my whole lower limb with Pernaton gel last thing at night. It seems to help.