Thursday, March 27, 2014

Back and Away Again

I got back from Hanna's Close on Monday. The previous two times we stayed we were in George's Cottage. This time we were in Johnny's Cottage and I thought it was much nicer. George's has two bedrooms and was a bit claustrophobic for four adults and two children. Johnny's had an extra bedroom and it made all the difference. Johnny's also has its own garden with a steep slope leading down to the river. That was wonderful too. Martha and Evie bowled hoops down it and so did Granny!

Johnny's is built on a slope and is entered down steep stone steps. Did I mention the half door at the kitchen?

The girls playing with the hoops that kind Granny bought in Asda in Kilkeel.

My little room. No wriggling, snuffling little bodies to disturb my peace. At least, not until 7am when they jumped in beside me, cold as frogs, for huggles and snuggles.

It was a good weekend.

Tomorrow I go to Paris.


Mage said...

Oh, how truly charming. Paris? How magic. You live a far more adventuresome life than I. Please take lots of pictures.

ganching said...

Hope you have a great time.

Brighid said...

This is wonderful. I would take the cottage over Paris any day but that is just me.

Nelly said...

Paris was lovely. But I am a country girl at heart. A country girl that enjoys a day or three in the big city!