Monday, April 21, 2014

I Wish I Had A Pencil Thin Moustache

So Bert grew a pencil thin moustache, the Boston Blackie kind. At least, that was his original plan. A good  pencil thin needs a lot of training and a delicate touch with the razor. I will give him this - he did shave oftener, all the better to accentuate his new facial hair.

Kent Taylor as Boston Blackie

Opinions on the pencil thin varied.

Pearlie: That's a sketch!
Clint: Damnable looking.
Me: You remind me of Blakey from On The Buses or maybe George Roper from Man About The House.
Rod: Really suits you mate.

Bert chose to listen only to Rod. I wasn't worried. I knew that he'd shave it off eventually and that I would be delighted with his fresh, youthful look.

Today was the day. It was like trading in an old worn out husband for a younger model.

Sorry there are no pictures. I couldn't have done that pencil thin justice. But here is one of Blakey from On The Buses.

Not Bert


Brighid said...

That is too funny, even without the pictures of Bert.
The Cowman had a great full mustache for so many years that I didn't like it when he once shaved it off.

Nelly said...

Bert's moustache was the moustache of a hobo. Better that there were no photos. But, if he does it again...

Nelly said...
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Grannymar said...

Do I take it you did not like the moustache?

I bet you are glad it was not like this:

Nelly said...

I checked that out. I reckon Bert would have liked it.

Leitrim sister said...

that cheered me up