Thursday, June 18, 2020


I am feeling greedy tonight. Two moth traps on the go, my Heath (thanks Rachael) and a top of the range and borrowed Robinson (thanks Rachael).

And, while all this is going on Bert and Les are playing Gypsy Jazz on clarinet and guitar because somebody has to and I am listening to Rory Gallagher on YouTube because somebody has to.

Earlier today one of Bert's friends came round to check out the state of the wood because there is an issue. Roger is also very interested in lepidopterology. He had a look at the moth traps as he is considering investing. I brought out the Heath that hasn't been used in several days and to my dismay discovered an overlooked Poplar Hawkmoth that must have been there since I last used it. I was confounded as to how a Poplar Hawkmoth could be overlooked but there it was.

Many hours later and there it still is. Sitting on a Buxus completely ignored by the spotted flycatcher family that are nesting (on their second brood) only yards from it. Lucky hawkmoth. I learned today that they don't feed as adults which is why it survived the overlooking. I must be more careful in future.

Hungry for bugs

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