Thursday, July 09, 2020

Living Our Best Lives

I have a nephew, whose partner (my honorary niece) posts Instagram pictures of her two youngest daughters 'living their best lives'. It's inspiring. Last September those little girls lost their big sister to cancer. My nephew and niece lost their beloved first daughter. And there they are, less than a year later, broken-hearted, but for the sake of the two little girls, the two big brothers and themselves, trying hard to live their best lives. I call that heroic. For it's not easy and I say that having no idea what it must be like. I can only imagine.

I had a few flat days recently, no particular reason, pissy weather, not much going on, a bit bored.

Then I saw that Instagram post. My two great-nieces, living their best lives with the help of their loving parents.


This photograph was taken by Ava's Auntie Naoise at the Sunflower Field at Portglenone. 

Ava Grace Byrne might only have had eight years of life but she was, and I do not say this lightly, an inspiration, and a legend. Like Ava, and like her bereaved family, I am going to try hard to live my best life.


Anonymous said...

Take heart. You already do.
You give love.
You write beautifully.

Nelly said...

Thank you, still, always room for improvement.