Sunday, August 29, 2004

My Job part-time because if it wasn't I'd go crazy because it is so demanding. I used to work full-time but it was too horrid and ate terribly into my week. Now I have more time to stroke the cat, pat the dogs, visit and attend to my aged parents, smell the roses and go on Ebay.

The reason my job is so demanding is because I am expected to do 15 hours work in a 7 hour period. Just like most other people I suppose. Then there is the clientele. All caring, supporting types need a clientele to care about and support. What I like about my clientele is that it varies quite a lot. The first criteria is that they must be homeless and the second that they must be female. Homelessness happens for all kinds of reasons but very often it is because the person cannot live independently in the community. So if they are not mad enough for Holywell or thick enough for Special Needs or sober enough for keeping 'a dacent house' then they might end up with us. We also get the care failures. These are mostly very young, spent most of their lives in care, blew their first few goes at living independently and come to us as a 'last resort' or as a punishment for screwing up.

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