Monday, August 30, 2004

Wee Crabbit Man

There is a wee cross man outside cutting the hedges. Why is he cross? Is it because it is teeming with rain and there are an awful lot of hedges? Perhaps. He will not be so crabbit when he trousers the big wad of cash he'll get when the job is finished. And I'll be able to see Slemish from the kitchen window when the hornbeam is lowered.


Anonymous said...

Hi this is my second attempt at posting something - first time round I went the wrong way and almost set a blog up for myself. I'm only being anonymous because I don't how not to be. Good luck with blog and hope you gets lots of readers.


hootchinhannah said...

tis awfully hard working out how to post these comments, and they don't seem to showing there are comments. i made a comment before that hasnt showed up. keep on at it though and we'll suss it out, love hannah