Monday, August 30, 2004

Whitepark Bay

Dying of boredom this afternoon. Too horrible to garden. Bored with housework, computers, everything. So we went to Whitepark Bay where only the hardiest go. The sea was rough and the dogs loved it. Afterwards went to Ballymena and got a curry + trimmings. I read in the paper this morning that stomachs are about the size of a 6 inch sausage but that they stretch to accommodate large meals or great feeds of drink. If stomachs get overstretched then the body does not know it is full resulting in overeating and fatness. So I read on to discover that it takes three weeks to get the stomach back to the six inch sausage. Method. Eat 12-16 mouthfuls per meal and chew thoroughly as this helps the brain to realise that the belly is full. My Indian meal was 20 mouthfuls and I ate them all. No wonder I am like a house side.


Anonymous said...

Testing, testing

hootchinhannah said...

i think i've sussed the comments out now so just going to say congratualtions on yr new blog. i think its a brill idea as long as ther's not too much chat about gardening. love to you xxx hannah