Thursday, September 02, 2004

Dinner from the Garden

September is not so bad at all. Last night we ate the first of the sweetcorn Tonight Nelly’s garden offered onions, peas, carrots and spinach. Mr Tesco (shame on me) offered mince and Mr Bisto provided the gravy. Wee Herbie the farmer provided the spuds, which Bert picked from the field. When wee Herbie comes to pay the rent on those fields Bert had better give him a good luck penny. I said to him recently “Won’t he mind?” Bert said “He won’t mind as long as I don’t do it in front of him.”

Daughter three said to me the other day that she thought this blog was a good idea but she went on to say “Just don’t make it all about gardening.” She is not keen as is evident by her choosing to live in Stoke. When she was younger she pointed to a dandelion and asked, “Is that a plant or a tree?” This for her was the major division in things horticultural. She wasn’t even that young as she was doing her A levels at the time. You will probably have guessed that biology wasn’t one of her subjects.

Keeping on the horticultural/agricultural theme I must report that I heard an unpleasant rumour recently. There is a college not far from here that would specialise in these subjects and I have heard that some of the students at this college are eating the animals! Namely ducks and pedigree lambs. I suppose it would be difficult to redd up a bullock in one barbecue sitting. Something has got to be done about student poverty. I wonder do they eat the laboratory rats in Coleraine.


Anonymous said...

i'm posting anon because it's easier than signing in to post. there's loads of new entires since i last checked and you've been busy moms. but what i want to comment on is horitcultural students eating the lambs and ducks, isn't that proof enough that students aren't given enough money? love Daughter 3

CyberScribe said...

Did Stephen Nolan ever call about

Nelly said...

No. He hasn't called yet.