Saturday, October 02, 2004

Birthday Party

The party starts at 7:30pm. However three guests are here already. What an afternoon I've had. Laura is so bossy. We have put balloons at the end of the lane as this is the signal to the young un's parents as to where the festivities are occurring. The ones up the tree are OK but the ones on the pillar keep bursting, Laura says it is all my fault for not blowing them up properly. I think someone in the Queen's Park is shooting an air rifle at them. Nicky is DJing, the grown ups are all slightly pissed, the night is young. I shall keep you all posted.

Big hi to all the students in Edinburgh. Nelly loves ya! Comments please, especially from those she has not met. Shyness not allowed in Nelly's Garden - you're all welcome in the Dreen anytime.

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Anonymous said...

hAPPY Birthday Laura. All the buggers have abandoned me tonight (Mikey boy has gone to Dublin today to visit his sister and the others have gone away for the night) Oh well - some quality time with myself may be nice - would be much better fun in the Dreen though.

Once i have worked out how to scan pictures i will e-mail you some recent pictures so you can see the others. we are having a halloween party on 30th October - unlikely any of you Dreenians will be in Edinburgh but if so you are very welcome. Mary - just have another holiday and come over for a few days! Last night me, Mikey boy and the others went to some woods at my Uni campus and collected twigs. We have fashioned 30 Blair witch signs (for the party of course - we're not that weird!) it will be fun.

lots of love to everyone.