Thursday, October 28, 2004

Counting my Blessings

I note that many of my fellow bloggers use their blogs to have a good old moan. Boys, boys, we pass this way but once (I think) so enjoy yourselves. That glass is not half empty, it’s half full.

Moaning is OK now and again. What else are friends and fellow bloggers for? Look at me. I'm fat, frizzy and fifty plus, I've a chin full of spots and dodgy knees. Two of them. But do you hear me complaining? No sirree. Instead I count my blessings.

Three wonderful daughters, all with lovely guys and all left home. (Yippee)

Two of the best dogs in the world. I have a bastard of a cat but so what? Me complain? Not on your Nelly.

A room with a view.

Part-time work that pays OK dosh.

Some excellent friends.


Also – I live in the free world. It might not be perfection but it’s not Chad, Iraq or North Korea.


Anonymous said...

what a refreshing oputlook mary and you are right - no point in moaning like a miserable bugger all the time. if i have as many good friends throughout my life as you do i will be happy (daughter 3 being the bestest of course). very sad about John Peel - i didn't get to appreciate him as much as you but he had hugely diverse musical interests and was a superb character for radio.

hope you're well say hi to bert,

Nelly said...

Thanks Mels. However I still reserve the right to have a good ol' moan when I feel like it. It just won't be ALL the time.

Anonymous said...

How disgustingly Pollyannish of you. I'd much rather dwell on my sorrows.


Nelly said...

Ganching - You need a feed of Seroxat with green butter to help the medicine go down.

Anonymous said...

Who is moaning? Certainly not me. Or no more than usual, anyhow.

And if your glass contains equal amounts of air and fluid, you obviously aren't drinking fast enough.


Nelly said...

Are you trying to turn Nellyanna into an alcoholic?