Friday, October 08, 2004

Exercise and Fireworks

I haven't said much about this in case it turned out to be a flash in the pan but I think I've got the bug - the exercise bug. Regular readers will have gathered that since stopping smoking seven months ago I have become a bit of a roundie. So as a last ditch attempt to get fitter and hopefully, leaner I have started taking daily exercise. I cycle and I walk.

I bought the bke nearly three years ago and rode it home. That was it for several years but for nearly two weeks now I have been out cycling. The only day I missed was the day after Laura's party as I was so tired. I haven't missed my daily walk. The picture below shows the scenery on one of my walks from Cully to Galgorm Manor.

And speaking of Galgorm Manor we have just watched an amazing firework display from there. We see these quite often but tonight's was one of the best. There must have been thousands of pounds worth of fireworks used. Bert said it would have fed thousands in Africa but I said that if the persons concerned hadn't spent the money on fireworks they'd probably have spent it on a sofa or a plasma screen TV and at least lots of other people get some fleeting pleasure from the pyrotechnics.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear about the exercise. I thought you must have been up to something when you casually let slip you'd done over 10,000 steps one afternoon. 10,000 steps is bloody hard to do on an ordinary working day particularly if you forget to switch on your pedometer.


Nelly said...

I'm sitting here lathered after being out on the bike. It is bloody hard work but it feels great when I stop. Still no lighter but I feel better and am getting my amazingly strong thigh muscles back. Shame I haven't got a libido to match.