Saturday, October 02, 2004

Happy 18th birthday Laura Posted by Hello


Anonymous Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAURA, the Dreen is an excellent place to spend your 18th. Hope you have a good 'un lots of love hannah

1:14 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Laura. Hope you are having or had a good birthday. Mum, can't believe you and Mark have been together 18 years. Love Katy

4:06 pm  
Blogger Nelly said...

Hi Katkin - Laura is havig a great birthday. However I must point out to you that it is you that goes out with Mark and it is me who has been torturing Bert for the past 18 years. Love from Momma

6:52 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Laura. So, Mary who's this Mark then? Z

12:31 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The biggest typo ever. I obviously meant to type Bert. I am so much in love - I am just Mark in the head. Z Mark is my boyfirend - I hope you were only joking!!!!

9:44 am  

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