Monday, October 18, 2004

Telling Tales

The keener eyed among you will notice that I’m up rather early today. Well you know the saying – early to bed, early to rise. I’m expecting health, wealth and wisdom aplenty today.

Yesterday apart from an early night I chalked up nearly 18000 steps on the old pedometer. This was because we went to Portballintrae to visit Swisser, Tess and the boys, and Swisser and I and all four dogs went for a long walk. Afterwards Swisser, Bert and I went for a “big feed” in Bushmills. And not a drop of whiskey did we drink. Plenty of wine though.

On the way to Portballintrae we stopped at a church in Billy to look at some restoration work that had been carried out on its stonework. This was on the recommendation of a builder friend who said he expected that is how Bert’s project will turn out when the stonework is sandblasted and repointed.

Swisser incandescent (ripping mad) about the people, who do not believe she has a house in Portrush, is buying one in Donegal, that she is having a mid-life crisis and is losing the plot. Also miffed that I am supposed to have said that I was cross because she keeps sneaking up to visit Bert when I’m on overnights at work. Thanks Ploppy-Pants for sharing all that with her, you big hairy mouthpiece. Anyway folks I’ve seen the paperwork. Not that I wanted to – it was thrust in front of my nose, and as for Bert I’ve promised her he can go to India with her next March. Now who’s losing the plot?

There will be more of this later.

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