Wednesday, October 06, 2004

A Woman's Lot

This picture shows Bert DIYing. What started as a simple job involving scraping off tile cement seems to have progressed to dismantling the house to its structural timbers. No wonder he has such a manic grin. I have every faith in him and to prove it I shall leave him to it while I go to visit the parents and pick new tiles. A woman’s lot is often a happy one.


Anonymous said...

THAT is a manic grin Bert is wearing. was reading on zoe's blog about the ballymena guardian's 'wee buns' section and it reminded me of bert shouting for wee buns in the past. when he does this his voice lifts up a few octaves - quite similar to when he squeals for Magners.

love mels.

Nelly said...

I shouldn't be surprised Mel if that job is not completed by Christmas. He was cut to the quick about you saying he squeaks and squeals. Have you still got that tape recorder?