Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Your Arse In Parsley

Rats! I go back to work today after spending almost all of September on holiday. The thought has disturbed my sleep. Last night I dreamed that we added a new criteria to our client group. They had to be murderers. Does this mean I hate my job?

On a lighter note I have a query for those of you interested in the Norn Iron turn of phrase, as I found myself saying this about the Wee Manny the other day. It was in relation to some nonsensical statement he had come out with.

His arse in parsley!

Familiar to anyone? I'm going to start abusing the client group with it. If they complain I'll swear I said "eyes" not "arse".


Anonymous said...

I think it is the equivalent of mum saying "dead nuts" - a bit of slang from long ago.


Nelly said...

Maybe - I wonder if it's exclusive to the region. Bert says he's heard the oler gen using it.

Anonymous said...

jean says ...... I am definitely familiar with this expression. I thinks its fab and use if in Muswell Hill on a regular basis

Nelly said...

The old ones are definitely the best. The young ones are not saying "weak" anymore as in - it was weak good.
They now say "pure" as in - it was pure brilliant.