Monday, January 17, 2005

Boys Will Be Girls

This afternoon I visited the site of our new/old house with Matty and my youngest sister. There is not much to see yet. Cement floors have been laid where the old ones were gouged out. The next step will be demolishing the internal walls so the building can be re-joisted. As they say “it will get worse before it gets better.”

The bottom floor is swapped around. The kitchen is where the ‘good’ room used to be. This is to maximise the amount of light we will get. The den will be where the dining room was. It will be a strictly observed no-smoking area. Where the kitchen used to be will be a shower room and toilet area. This is to be what the foreman, Jay, calls ‘wet’. This means that we can shower the dogs in it too. Oh happy day. No more filthy dogs climbing on my clean chairs. I’m thinking of putting a gate on the stairs to keep them from going upstairs to lie on the beds. Oh wheesht, Nelly. You know you’ll never close it. Anyway Paddy is the best guy I’ve ever shared a bed with. And he barks ferociously if anyone tries to come over the threshold. I like that in a bedmate.

The Wee Manny and his big daughter called this morning. Lols was going to school late because she had a Physics exam. She informed me that she has been searching my blog for New Year photos. I told her I hadn’t posted any, as they were far too boring and sedate. Lols has never got over missing the 2000 New Year Party when her dad and Banjo Man dressed up in fishnets and stockings with little skirts to show off their shapely pins and little lacy tops to emphasise their manly torsos. Poor Ploppy Pants had to make do with a peasant woman costume, as nothing else would fit him. These photos exist boys – be very, very scared.

Bert is still not smoking. I knew he would join me eventually. I’m so proud of him.

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