Friday, January 14, 2005

My Offline Life

Posting from work as my computer is still very poorly. It will be admitted to computer hospital sometime after this weekend. I came out in sympathy with it and got my first viral infection since giving up smoking on the 15th March last year. It is a stinker. I have had a sore throat, a sexy husky voice and a hacking dry cough. But unlike before it has not gone to my sinuses or deep into my chest as it always did when I smoked.

The news so far is - parents well, Bert off cigarettes for 6 days now and the builders have started on our new/old house. Belated birthday greetings to Vancouver nephew, Kerry niece and the big doll.


Anonymous said...

Well Done Bertie!
Nelly, get you PC all disks and I mean all, and your printer, scanner, camera etc with all discs to me ASAP and I'll get it sorted for ya

Are you sure you want to go you know why you want to!!lol Do you have win2000 Disc?


Hope you get well soon

Nelly said...

No D, I do not have Win2000 disk. It came ready loaded. Nobody trusts me with such disks.

Anonymous said...

Know how you feel re computer - mels contracted something terminal and needed some kind of transplant. Good on bert, though I didn't have him down as a quitter! I've not been smoking for about 10 days now, as a result my ciggie intake has doubled . . .


Nelly said...

Well done MikeyBoy. You may not be clearing your lungs but at least you're clearing your head!