Friday, January 28, 2005

Nip and Tuck...

...which is what my home PC has had - thanks to Doctor D. It is good to be back.


Anonymous said...


I do hope you are no-longer M$-enabled. The standard response to people who has win32 issues it 'sudo apt-get install debian' although these days I must confess to being a Mac whore.

Get a Mac mini!

Welcome back.


Nelly said...

Sheesh! That went way over my head M. All I know is that Internet Explorer has been hidden where I will never find it again. Now I use Firefox for everything and Doctor D. has insisted thatI have nothing more to do with AOL. So I am on a free dial up until I decide who to go with. Scarey phone bill coming up.

Anonymous said...

So, that AOL and IE put in the bin, then.

That should sort out 90% of problems, right there.

Go firefox!