Tuesday, January 04, 2005


So, so tired today. At work yesterday evening and the wee clients were so very restless. As usual I was lovely to them and for my trouble I got called "a Feen-Yan Bastard" and a "stupid bastard". I also had the first-time pleasure of flushing an intruder from under a bed and another out of a wardrobe. What fun! And I only got five hours broken sleep.


Anonymous said...

HA - that is the first time i have ever heard of you being called stupid. i think its a pretty silly thing to say but don't fear- me and mikey still think you are one of the cleverest people we know.
hope you are both good and had a super new year,
lots of love...mels.xxxxxxx

Nelly said...

That is so sweet of you but while I'm prepared to accept that I'm smarter than Looby Lou (my accuser), as Yogi didn't say I'm not that much smarter than the average bear. Don't confuse experience and a smart mouth with genius my dears. Anyway, I'm just so chuffed Looby Lou didn't call me a fat bastard. That would have been much more wounding. Happy New Year to you both. By the way I was talking to the polis today and it seems she's for jail. Methinks a harsh punishment for calling Nelly stupid.