Wednesday, November 09, 2005

810 Steps

Today I had a training day in Loughguile. I drove from my house to work. I picked up a colleague. We drove to the venue. We parked outside. We went in. We sat down. We had a break. I walked to the toilet. I walked back. We sat down.

We walked to lunch. It was next door to the conference room. I walked to the hatch and got a plate of roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, cauliflower cheese and three scoops of spud. I ate it all. I walked to the hatch and collected a plate of Pavlova. I ate it all. I walked back to the conference room and I sat down.

At the end of the day I walked to the car. I drove my colleague back to Ballymena. I drove to Cullybackey. I came in here. I drank coffee. I chatted to Bert. I walked to this desk. I sat down.

So far today I have walked 810 steps. My daily average over the past week has been 17500. I'd need to walk seven miles now to make my average. Oh dear.

Killing Two Birds With One Stone

1. Drive to the brightly light streets of Ballymena and trudge (with Rosie) around its streets for 55 minutes. (6500 steps)

2. Trail youngest daughter out of Fair Hill Bar. (On a weeknight! Honestly!)


ed said...

Oh dear. You haven't fallen victim to the cult of pedometers, have you? Seems like every female in my family has joined them. Very odd. What possible good is gained by knowing how many steps you've taken in a day?

Except guilt, obviously, but then you should know that what happens on training days doesn't really count, so the guilt is misplaced. And walking round Ballymena for 55 minutes is much more penance than is needed.

CyberScribe said...

Is "The Pound" still open in Loughguille? My Mrs was in a band along with Big Nial Patterson and Pete Ohara many moons ago and they played in The Pound occasionally. It wasn't until years later she realised there was a chapel in the village. It must've been daylight then:-)

Nelly said...

Ed - I have been using a pedometer for nearly three years now. I even clip it on to my pyjamas at night. It does not make me feel guilty at all but encourages me to walk more. Ganching uses one too and for about the same length of time.

CyberScribe - We were at the Millenium Centre and not in the village itself. But it is a beautiful area and some of these days I'm a-goin' walking there. I'll look out for The Pound.

CyberScribe said...

I'm feeling really old now I haven't been there this millenium :-)

Nelly said...

Ach! Never be worrying about age. Just don't be sitting at the oul keyboard for too long. There's nothing worse for stiffening ye up.

levee said...

What a small world! I didn't realise there was so much blogger activity in and around Loughguile - my crowd are from that direction too!

Nelly said...

I expect that's why they call it the Global Village levee.