Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Cult of Pedometers

Recently in comments Ed referred to 'the cult of pedometers'. Yes! I have to admit that I am indeed a part of The Cult of Pedometers. And just for the laugh I'm outing Yerwoman as a fellow cult member.

See that picture up there. That's mine that is. But like everyone else I started on the soft stuff. Got one in a cereal packet. Got hooked. Soon the cereal packet pedo was not enough. I moved on to the £4.50 model but it was no time before I was using nine quid pedos. It's been nearly three years now and I've got a pedo habit costing me £20 a go. I'm averaging 16,930 steps per day, 7305 of those aerobic and at a rate of 116.7 steps per minute. I'm currently walking aerobically for over an hour per day.

There is a good side to this addiction . I'm not as fat as I used to be but all that walking makes me hungry so I'm no waif. Other good parts are that my knees don't hurt any more and I reckon I'm a lot fitter and I have more energy.

But there is no getting away from it. I'm a pedo addict. I'll have to join one of those 12-step programmes. Except of course I'd need a 12000-step programme. Give me 12000 steps and I'd go twice a day.


Anonymous said...

At least I never inhaled.


mquest said...

I fall into the habit a few times a year. But- I keep getting the cheep one. when It breaks I give u for a few months before going out and getting a new one. said...

Well, you've admitted you have a problem. That's the first step.

The next steps involve realising that driving is quicker, more entertaining and generally more useful than walking. Then the pedometer will be dumped.

Nelly said...

Ganching - don't believe you.

mquest - anything that motivates you has got to be good.

Ed - 'tis well seen you're only a bit of a wean. And like all weans you take your health, your vitality and your fitness for granted. Gran you cars are a necessity at times especially for us country folk but walking id fun. Honestly. It's cheap too. Now if I drove everywhere I'd need a really, really big car for my arse would be the size of my current Fiesta. I'd need Willie Wright to build me something majorly special. We'd call it the Nellybus Special