Sunday, November 27, 2005

A Disclaimer

Bored with my Flickr badge.

So I decided to change it to a randomised one. Which means that everytime you look at my blog you will see three random photographs instead of the five most recently posted to Flickr.

But the thing is last July I was in Spide City during the Twelfth of July parades and I took and then posted quite a lot of parade pictures to Flickr. Ironically of course. And the first couple of times I checked those pictures were featured.

I'd hate for anyone to think that I am an Orangey because I'm not. They wouldn't have me anyway because I am a Catholic and even though I'd have a little bit of time for them, in the name of multiculturism and all that jazz, I still feel that they are a sectarian organisation.

Incidentally I got Banana Girl to put a Flickr badge on her blog too. She's got some interesting pictures on there.


mquest said...

I have wanted to add the flickr badge-- But, I am afraid that I would end up screwing up the entire blog if I do. Someday I will get around to doing it.

Nelly said...

It's not that complicated. After all if I can do it you can do it.

Just follow the instructions on Flickr then add the new code just below where your links are. Your photos should appear underneath the links. If you screw up the blog (which you won't) just take it out again