Wednesday, November 30, 2005


For about three weeks now I have been working both in Spide City and in Another Place. Today I was in Another Place. I enjoy working there. It's similar work but there are different things about it that I like. It's a bigger place which means there are more staff so I'm getting to know different people and having cover for breaks so that I can Go Out Walking at lunchtime.

Today during a team meeting the fire alarm went off. And there was smoke. So the fire service were called. Because I'm not part of the regular team meant that I got designated as gofer during the meeting which is, of course, much better than taking minutes. Part of my gofer duties involved escorting the firemen up four flights of stairs. Of course I went up them as nimble as a mountain goat while the firemen lumbered up behind me puffing and panting. They said it was because of all their heavy gear and I believed them. So there's me surrounded by firemen, no actual fire and I'm thinking this is as good as it gets. My firemen were much more rugged than those in the picture above.


Anonymous said...

Don't you dare get to like it too much in that other place Nelly! I need you in Spide City and am coming over all posessive and jealous about you being up there with them!You simply cannot leave me down here with the warring blamanges. I won't have it. Oh and your mum is looking for you so pick up the telephone! I was extra especially nice to her too. Bet the other place staff won't be having a wee chin wag to her when she phones there looking for you.

Nelly said...

You, dear Ursa Minor, are the only thing about Spide City that I'm missing. Warring blancmanges! He he. How evil. You sure they don't read this?