Thursday, November 24, 2005

Nelly Recommends

I’m going to make a rare recommendation here because I think El Capitan has a pretty good blog. I particularly enjoyed his recent post on the politically correct Royal Navy and I think you would like it too because you’re such a fan of the modern take on PCness and Health & Safety. El Capitan likes cats but I don't think we can hold that against him.

While I’m in the mood I’m also going to exercise sisterhood and flag up ol’ Ganching who has decided to offer us the benefit of her great wisdom by offering lifestyle coaching on her blog. She has already given Mr Bolan from Fenland some very strict and no-nonsense advice. I see a media career looming as Ganching has all the charm and firmness of Trinny & Susannah mixed with the astringency of Janet Street-Porter. She should go far.

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