Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Oh Superman Am I Really That Old?

Last night we watched a programme about John Peel and his special box of records that he took everywhere. Various people, including some of the musicians featured on the records, were doing their talking head bit. I was doing my usual showing-off thing of knowing who everybody was and what bands they had played in etc. etc. Well they were mostly oldsters - the youngest talking head was Jack White.

Then the first couple of bars of 'Oh Superman' started. I go,

"Ooh Laurie Anderson!"

Bert says,

"Laurie who?"

"Laurie Anderson."

"Never heard of him."

"She. She's a woman Haven't you heard of her? That was a really big hit."

"Never heard it before in my life.When was it out?"

"Oh it's not that long since. Maybe 20-25 years ago. You'll have been lying about Berry then by the dried up bed of the River Murray drinking cheap port with Uncle Lushy and the rest of the crew."
Laurie Anderson's 'Oh Superman' made number two in 1984. Not that long ago a-tall.

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Anonymous said...

dam it, I wanted to watch that! I'm a bad one for trying to showoff too, smirking at my own moother when asked who mr nick cave was...
mikey x