Friday, November 18, 2005

Saint Patrick, You Blert, We Need You

Young Rainey called round this evening. He told us the following tale.

Young Rainey: I was in the Mace in Randalstown today and this hardcore Goth girl came in and you know what she’d got around her neck?

Hannah: A collar?

Young Rainey: No! A snake!

Nelly: A plastic snake?

Young Rainey: No! A real live snake! And you know those women who work in the Mace – they’ve been there since the Mace was built…

Nelly: You mean since Randalstown was built?

Young Rainey: Yeah right! Anyways they say, ‘What’s that you’ve got round your neck love?’ and the wee Goth says, ‘It’s a snake.’ And they step back and go ‘Aaagh!’

Nelly: What kind of a snake was it?

Young Rainey: Oh maybe a bull python or a rock python.

Hannah: And did she have a collar round her neck?

Young Rainey & Nelly: No! A snake!

Nelly: Can I blog this story?

Young Rainey: Aye, if you want.

Nelly: What shall I call you? Young Rooney?

Young David Rainey from Randalstown: You can call me whatever you want.


Anonymous said...

Sure everyone knows they're not near wise in Randalstown.

ed (of the randalstown hillans) said...

You that be young David Rainey of the Randalstown Rainey's? Of the doctorly connection? If it is I think I he was in the scouts at the same time I was. Small world. Smaller village, obviously.

Young Miss Ganching: duly noted. And agreed with, obviously.

Nelly said...

Ganching - having Randalstown connections yourself you are in a good position to judge.

Ed - the very same.

Beowulf said...

What did St Patrick say when he was driving the snakes out of Ireland?

(make like you are holding a steering wheel)

"Are you's all right in the back there lads?"

Nelly said...

Thank you Stephen - just raised a giggle from me and my weary colleague.

Anonymous said...

Rainey eh? that name does ring a bell, where from i wonder...

mikey x

Nelly said...

Mikey I believe you met at nellybert's at the last Mel's Ex-Boyfriends Anonymous meeting.

Well anonymous until now that is.

Anonymous said...

yeah thats right, we should have bi-annual discussion groups with 'Hi, my name is...' badges.