Monday, November 21, 2005

Saturday, Sunday, Ginday....

The title sets the tone for the post. One of the good things about working shifts is that, like students, one can take to the drink on the less obvious days.

Straight after work I was up at the Moat Bar's off-licence where I purchased one bottle of red wine and one bottle of gin.

Reason? Hannah's boyf was making supper and I didn't have a clue what kind of a fist he would make of it so I thought to myself, 'Hey! At least if he's a crap cook and the meal is inedible I'll still be smiling.'

And guess what? The food wasn't half bad and now I'm smiling squared.

And one of our good friends the Shinner social worker turned up. He shared a glass of wine with us even though I tried to put him off by telling him I'd purchased it in an ultra-loyalist bar. "Cheers," says he. "Just goes to show what a multi-culturist I am."

Overheard today in Harryville -
Is it right enough that Geordie Best got thon new liver of his of the DHSS?
Just imagine a queue of DLA-entitled drinkers at the broo all applying for new livers.

How's about ye mucker? Ye in for a crisis loan?

Naw. I'm in tae see aboot gettin' mesel' a new liver.

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