Tuesday, April 18, 2006


It wasn't easy turning in last night knowing that Paddy was lost.

I tried not to feel bad about Bert even though it was his fault (again) that they'd got away. Nine times out of ten it's Bert's fault and when he's in charge I just know they be watching him all the time for that golden moment when they can escape.

Bert asked me to wake him at eight so he could resume the search. In the event he did a preliminary search at six but no sign of the hairy fellow. I went out at seven and as I trudged back dogless I thought I'd check the sheds just in case he'd been in one when Bert closed them the previous night.

The first was the bantie shed. There were plenty of sleepy chickens but no Paddy. Then as I turned away from closing it I saw him dandering over the yard. I was so pleased. Said hello to him and brought him in to the house. He's up in bed with Bert now and I shouldn't be surprised if both of them have a lie-in.

We're beginning a stricter regime today. Dogs are going to take turns being tied to the leg of the coffee table. They'll have sofas to lie on and the lead will be long. The untied dog will be allowed to roam the yard at will. They are going to hate it but it has to be done.

In case anyone was wondering I did say the Memorare for Paddy's safe return/painless death/whatever. That prayer is always answered.


Sandra said...

Very glad to hear he is safely home. Sorry if the last comment seemed a bit flippant, I didn't think he would be a dirty stopout and not come home until the morning.

Nelly said...

No need for sorrow at all. In fact I've been having the chuckles to myself all day at the very idea of a scunging elly fant. I'm sure I'd get plenty of phone calls. 'Mrs Moser! That elephant of yours is ripping up my cherry tree! You should see what it's done to my herbaceous borders.' Wasn't there a Simpsons episode along those lines?

Sandra said...

Nelly's elephant? Catchy...heehee. I like the idea of the grumpy phone calls; "Mrs Moser, that elephant of yours has been sitting on my car again! And now he's trying to make little elephants with my tractor!"

Nelly said...

Can you imagine the size of the pooperscooper when I take Elly for walks.

And she'd make short work of any pesky fences that the Hills of Tollymoor might erect in order to curtail our walks.