Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy Birthday Hannah

Happy Birthday Hannah Banana! See you later.


Adam said...

And happy birthday to me today!! :D

Nelly said...

Yay! Happy birthday Adam. Hope you got extra Easter Eggs as well as birthday presents.

Anonymous said...

Happy happy birthday hannah!!! and a happy birthday to adam (?) too. Oh, and its also my sister daniella's birthday today, so happy birthday to her also!

mikey x

Adam said...

Thanks to you and Mikey!

I got three easter eggs, and lots and lots of money, £160 and there's supposedly £70 more still to come, so I treated myself to a new phone which should hopefully be coming on Thursday, Wednesday if I'm lucky

Nelly said...

Not a bad haul at all Adam. Hannah did rather well too but she didn't get so many Easter eggs. She did get flowers though. Did you get flowers?

And a happy birthday also to Daniella.