Monday, April 03, 2006

Lost? You Bet I'm Lost!

Just finished watching Lost and I'm a wee bit confused. What happened this week seemed pretty straightforward. Reunions all round, Shannon dead but who cares - she was a total drip. That one in the tight grubby vest loves Sawyer, it's obvious Jack is going to make that trigger-happy she-cop whole again and the bondage-prone Iraqui is back on the market. Wish I was Lost.

But the last two weeks? Haven't a clue what was going on. Last week Clint sat santering through it and the week before it was Mugsy spoiling my viewing pleasure with his incessant, endless chatter.

The girls' dad and his lovely lady were staying at Zoe's this weekend and we had a family get-together on Saturday evening which was a pleasure. This morning I left the pair of them to the airport and afterwards Matty and I went for a run in the car. We went to Larne where I found this nice print in a charity shop.

I'm into bird prints at the moment. I also got a corn crake one and together the pair of them cost me £3 which was a bit awesome. Instead of going straight home we went along the coast road to Glenarm then back towards Ballymena via Feystown and Carnalbanagh. This is the part of the country where the paternal grandmother was reared. Like all hill-reared folk (i.e. Pearlie) the Granny was a bit mad.

The Coast Road (Larne to Glenarm)

Matty's nerves were a bit ragged today. She locked herself out of the house yesterday and although she pretended to be cool about it I think it upset her. She took a 'wake turn' in one of the charity shops, a condition she refers to as 'not being one bit well' and then her crappy pound shop umbrella disintegrated in the fresh breeze. But the run through the country cheered her up as did a few amusing anecdotes she told about drives out with Ganching just after she got the driving licence and would only drive on B roads.

Bert ripping tonight because one of his customers wanted to call after 7pm. Bert just doesn't get the hours that these people keep. Sometimes as he emerges from his pit at tennish or thereabouts I tell him that all the other horticulturists have been out in their polytunnels since 7am. But he pooh-poohs this. This is him raging,

"Bloody man coming at bed-time. I suppose he's been running about all day selling pansies to oul dolls and hadn't a minute 'til now!"


EveMaryBD said...

I missed the previous two week's episode [visitors & babies have no interest in Lost]. I know this is a bit sad but you can follow missed episodes on the ABC Lost website - plus you get to hear the "Previously on Lost" voice over, over and over again [downside seems that you have to watch a fabric softner ad first!!]. My husband wants to know if you can name a voiceover in divorce proceedings. The Iraqui ones' eyes are a bit too close set for my liking - I'm more into weirdos like John [minus the hairpiece in flashbacks] or even gnome like herion addicts!

Nelly said...

I'm not with you on the hobbitty one but I do like John Locke. Have you noticed that the big, tough and dangerous Iraqui is always getting tied up by women? And sems to like it?

Sandra said...

Love the photo - my favourite view as I can see Garron Point when I am heading home!
PS Paternal side also from Carnalbanagh. Be careful what you say! *grin*

Nelly said...

Larne is an awful dump but you don't have to drive too far out of it before you'll hit some beautiful scenery. The Granny was closer to Feystown. And I stand by my remark about the nutty people often coming from the high ground.

Anonymous said...

i like that picture. reminds me of a time i spent there (with an ex with glenarm connections)wandering along the sea wall, past the lime-quarry place, throwing stones to the sea. if you ever stop in the car park, there may just be a fairly generic boy/girl message carved into an already vandalised bench...


Jimmy Porter said...

Lost is all about polar opposites. I've been watching it and can't believe some of the shit I have heard people say about it on trains, cafes, pubs and at work.

John Locke - read "An Essay Concerning Human Understanding" by the philosopher John Locke to understand his character.

The French Woman, Rosseau. Read "The Social Contract" by french philosopher Jean Jacques Rosseau to understand her character.

It's all on show but everyone claims they don't know whats happening.

Also there was a big deal made that Flann O'Briens Third Policeman was on a bed for all of 1 second during an episode. If you want to know what's going on read that, I don't want an army of angry sci fi people battering down my door because I tell them all what's its about. The third policeman will also explain what is in the forest.

Also, in last week's episode, one of the 'Others' said: "They were taken because they were good." ALl the other characters seem to be living with some sort of guilt. So the island is becoming inhabited by people who are not good. Therefore unpure/evil/tainted.

And the numbers as well. I cannot believe I am the only one who has figured out the friggin numbers.. 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and something else.. 4 8 = 48, originally there were 48 survivors.. 8 15.. flight 815.. 23 they left from gate 23 in the airport.. add all the numbers together you get 108.. the exact number of minutes that has to be entered onto the computer or the island blows up or something silly.

People shouldn't wait to be told what is going on they should strive to try and figure it out for themselves.

Damn my degree in english literature. I have to read between the lines of everything.


Nelly said...

So, with reference to he Third Policeman, is there a half man-half bicycle in the forest?

Sandra said...

The "Lost" discussion is all very complicated and I am afraid I don't watch it so I can't spoil it for you.
My father's mother was from Crucken.
I am not exactly in disagreement about the nutbars from high ground! There are a lot of oddities at sea level, too...

Jimmy Porter said...

Close Nelly..

Remember Constable Fox in the third policeman.. the most feared constable in the provence yet no one had ever seen him because he was your own fear..

Nelly said...

The crazies are everywhere Sandra. I was reared in the bog myself and that seems to be no recommendation either.

Jimmy it's over 30 years since I read O'Brien. I still have all the books so maybe should get re-reading.

Anonymous said...

Where are you watching Lost. Until it is on channel four, I don't have a clue, nor do I want to have a clue until it is on channel four!
Love Katkins

EveMaryBD said...

Thats us told now Jimmy

Its on RTE2 on Mondays at 10pm - though there's not much point now...................

I told my friend Joanne (who also has a toddler & baby) that the cast have signed up for 7 years - and she said "f**k it - I can't commit to seven weeks, never mind 7 years!!!" - My hubby thinks they are making it up as they go along and to be honest thats the way it seems to me!!!

Plus most of my in-laws were mountainy folk and I concur with Nelly.

Nelly said...

Sheee-it! Sorry Katkins - forgot that you couldn't get RTE in the land of the invader.