Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Not Dead Yet

It seems that it is not Avian Flu. I’ve only got two of the symptoms as described by Adam and Ronni says it’s all a lot of fool nonsense anyway. But I still feel pretty rough so I guess I must have the Big Girl’s Blouse Flu.

My throat is not as sore but my nose is running, I’m sneezing and my chest feels all clogged up. I’ve been self-medicating with chocolate but it doesn’t seem to be easing any of my symptoms. Tastes nice though.

Despite feeling rotten I’ve still been out Helping the Aged. I took Pearlie to her Tuesday club in Broughshane. I took a shortcut cross-country and got a bit lost but Pearlie thought it was a right laugh. Then I took Matty to Antrim to buy Easter eggs for her neighbour’s children.

I bought

  • Three books - £1.50

  • Wind chime/ cowbell whatever - £1

  • Thornton’s Easter Egg for Matty - £9

  • Chocolate (medicinal) 45p

  • Bushmills (medicinal) £13.99


Conversation with Hannah (who moved out yesterday)

Hannah: Did Bert and you miss me last night then?

Nelly: No.


Adam said...

Ah I feel the love and I hope you hear the sarcasm

How cross-country was this shortcut of yours?

Nelly said...

Well if I knew that I'd not have been lost but I turned left somewhere when I should have turned right and for several dreadful minutes I couldn't even see Slemish!

Adam said...

I was thinking more along the lines of maniacs driving through fields chasing sheep

Nelly said...

No. I kept to the tarmacadammed bit between the hedges.

EveMaryBD said...

So are you sure its not terminal? I know its only been a short while, but I was kinda banking on the sewing machine in the shed!

Nelly said...

The lecky one isn't mind to bequeath but if I peg it you can have the Singer treadle EveMary. You'll find it in the shed. Just tell Bert I said it's OK and the proof of my wishes are here.

Ronni said...

I have more faith in the Bushmills, medicinally speaking. However, chocolate is well-known as a palliative, so the combination should bring some relief!

Ronni said...

Here's the link about the Tamiflu, and it's a good thing I checked, because I've been maligning our VP! It's not Cheyney, it's Rumsfeld. Sorry about that!