Monday, April 10, 2006

Now What Shall I Write About Today?

Maybe I'll write about the sore throat I've woken up with? Ever the considerate worker I have, yet again, scheduled poorliness into my off-time. I do not return to the coalface until Saturday & Sunday. Easter Monday? Don't know. Can you imagine working in a place where, on the Monday before Easter Monday, you don't know yet if you're working it? The people who make the rotas up know that they'll be off. No bank holidays for them. But we minions don't know.

I could tell you about the hens we may or may not have rescued from battery cages. But I won't in case someone from MAFF reads this.

Then I could tell you that I'm going to be very busy today because I'm helping Hannah move house. So yes, I'll tell you that.


ed said...

I'll go one better... I don't yet know if I'm working Friday night. That would be Good Friday, when it's illegal to sell drink, but the boss may want door staff on, just in case.


Nelly said...

Well it turns out that I've got the bank holidays off which is a relief. Should have known really as I seem to mostly work weekends.