Thursday, April 27, 2006

Pearlie Does Politics

Recently Bert has taken to bringing Pearlie with him when he goes out on deliveries. She enjoys getting a run out and seeing a bit of the countryside. She always brings a book with her to to occupy herself when Bert is unloading, chasing cheques and having long gossipy conversations about matters horticultural. On the way back she always has an ice cream.

When I got back this evening I asked him,

What were you at today?

Did a delivery to Bushmills.

Did Pearlie go?


Did she get her ice cream?

He laughed and said,

She did not.

Oh. Why was that?

Och I forgot about it until we were coming out of Ballymoney so I told her there was a shop in Rasharkin did good ice cream. Then when we got to Rasharkin I pulled up in front of the shop and she sees a tricolour flying outside it and says she wasn’t eating any ice cream out of that hole.

Was the flag attached to the shop?

No. I think it was flying from a telegraph pole but she held it was to do with the shop and was having none of it.

I suppose it must be odd for her seeing tricolours flying in places they never would have been 30 or more years ago.

Mind you she said she wouldn’t mind if they flew a Union Jack along side it.

Which is, I think, pretty broadminded for an 80-year-old DUP voter. More people like Pearlie and we’d have that Assembly up and running in no time.


EveMaryBD said...

I agree Vote Pearlie! Staying on a flag theme, can you explain something which has puzzled me for years now. I was going out with D for 6mths and drove up to visit [it was my 1st time driving up North on my own] and I managed to get from Dublin's northside to a local place called Millers Corner. I rang D on my mobile, as it was a dark St. Stephens Night (Boxing Day to the rest o'ye) & I wasn't sure where to go after that. He asked where I was and I replied "I'm close by - you know that crossroads with the field on the corner with the British Flag in it". Damian laughed and I could hear him tell all the family & friends who were ceile'ng at the house with them, who also all laughed. I have still never found out why it was so funny???? I suppose its another one of those north/south country/city "mis-understandings"....

Nelly said...

Well maybe it was because corners and fields and Union Jacks are everywhere in Norn Iron?