Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Poor Robin

I witnessed a brutal murder this morning. I was sitting in the den about to enjoy a nice cup of coffee when I saw Harry de Cat leap right through a bush. I knew he was up to no good so raced outside as fast as I could. Harry de Murderous Cat ran off but there, on the other side of the bush, laid a poor robin breathing his last. I carried him into Bert who pronounced him a goner. He died in Bert’s hand and was gently laid to rest underneath a hedge. I think Harry just pounced on him and crushed him to death. A robin being hit by Harry must be like us being hit by a truck.

I know, I know – nature red in tooth & claw and all that but I briefly hated Harry. That robin was one of a pair that had been hanging about this past few months. We enjoyed watching them.

Harry is belled but he is so damn fast. Bert suggests that we feed him up so that he gets fat and ponderous. Would that be cruel? Or should we just get one of his legs amputated? That would slow him down all right.


ed said...

As a card carrying member of the 'Cats Are Great Society', I can only offer one choice: shoot the bastard.

Cats are a proud species, and it would be less cruel to shoot the bastard than to reduce it in stature or ability.

It's the decent thing to do, honestly.

Manuel Estimulo said...

Nelly ,if only you had listen to me before!!

Nelly said...

Ed - Cats are great what? Compost?

Manuel - they beguile you with their cute and kittenish ways. Then they grow into big savage bird-mauling bastards.

I don't think we can shoot him.

Anonymous said...

after about 2-3 minutes, i know the answer: buy another cat. then simply tie them together(at the collar) and let them live their lives as semi-siamese cats. this way you're promoting cats in society, and making the devilcat oaffish ...


Anonymous said...

Cut off a leg then Harry can be renamed Tripod. Hmmm, always wanted a pet called tripod. Rufus..... here boy! Heheheheh