Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Despite my advancing years and genteel upbringing I like a bit of ‘sex’n’violence’. Obviously this only applies as long as I am not personally involved in said sex or violence. So I enjoyed reading this story about a happy slapper who got slapped right back

The guy who hit back was rumoured to be a Scouser. Go Liverpool!

Here’s the footage


Mr Bolan said...

Ripped off! Where is the schex?

Nelly said...

The schex? Surely that is your department.

Mr Bolan said...

Aye, true. Can I help it if there are a preponderance of hawt chicks around my way?

One does what one can, but one is getting on in years, and can't accomodate them all anymore.

Nelly said...

I fear that you share a trait with our friend The Wee Manny. For further insights see my next post.

Mr Bolan said...

Scandalous! Scurrilous!

It is the truth I can't accomodate them all anymore, at least not since I got married. And it is also the truth that there are a shed load of (posh, tall) hawt chicks around here.

PLUS it can be proved I have had schex at least three times. So there.

Nelly said...

Here's something you will enjoy you hawt and dirrty dawg.

Bert: He has far too much hair for a man of his age.
Nelly: You mean too long?
Bert: No! Too thick.
Nelly: Should he get it thinned out to make the rest of yez feel better?

Mr Bolan said...



Here, what does he mean _a man of his age_?

Ronni said...

I'm glad that particular craze has not caught on here. I can't imagine how anyone would think it's all right to just randomly walk up to a total stranger and slap them.

Nelly said...

Young Meester - Just put it down to sheer unadulterated envy of your luxurious chestnut locks.

Ronni - maybe the US citizen's right to bear arms would be a discouraging factor?

Are camera phones generic in the States as they are here?