Saturday, April 29, 2006

They Call Me Mellow Yellow

Your Blog Should Be Yellow

You're a cheerful, upbeat blogger who tends to make everyone laugh.
You are a great storyteller, and the first to post the latest funny link.
You're also friendly and welcoming to everyone who comments on your blog.
What Color Should Your Blog or Journal Be?

When I was a child yellow was my favourite colour. My sister's was pink and I thought this meant she was a sissy. I saw yellow as a strong colour because the sun was yellow and it was so fierce you couldn't even look at it without going blind.

My blog is blue with a dash of orange and that is just so me. I'm blue at the moment and I cannot shake it off. Maybe it's something to do with what was going on this time last year.


Adam said...

Mine should be purple :|

"You're an expressive, offbeat blogger who tends to write about anything and everything.
You tend to set blogging trends, and you're the most likely to write your own meme or survey.
You are a bit distant though. Your blog is all about you - not what anyone else has to say."

ganching said...

I'm yellow as well.

Nelly said...

Funny's enough Adam purple was my favourite colour when I was a teenager.

Ganching - what was your favourite childhood colour when you were a little'un? You weren't the pink one that I made mention of.