Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Those scunging devil dogs managed to escape early afternoon. Several scouting expeditions failed to bring them home. Rosie returned bogging just after 9pm. Paddy is still missing. This is getting silly. We've been out scouting and shouting ourselves hoarse but there was no sign of him. Now it will have to wait until morning. I'm worried.

Then we lost Attracta this morning. I thought Foxy had nabbed her but then she was found in the big shed where we store all the 'stuff' and 'things'. So next time I'm out there looking for treasure I'm likely to find an egg as well. There are three new hens now. Dympna has joined Attracta and Patsy although only Attracta is laying. Bernie the bantam is delighted with her new companions.

Animal keeping is a torture. All that responsibility and anxiety and all I get out of it is a pound of dirt a day from the dogs and one egg from the hens.


Sandra said...

At least you do not keep an elephant, for you would surely get more than a pound a day of you-know-what.
Oh, and one free range egg is worth a million of the other sort, especially the Canadian ones. Hens here have different-flavoured bottoms than in Norn Iron. Or something.

Nelly said...

At least if it was an elephant I'd have a better chance of finding it when it went on the scunge. For some good news see next entry.