Monday, July 10, 2006

August Is The Cheapest Month

I read this in Saturday’s Guardian and I have been thinking about it ever since. A year without spending. I couldn’t do a year but I could try a month. Like Judith Levine my spending would include essentials.

  • Food

  • Basic toiletries

  • Basic detergents

  • Internet access

  • One paper per week (Saturday Guardian or Sunday Times)

  • Diesel

  • Existing standing orders (include household bills, pension etc)

  • Pet food

My spending would not include

  • Charity shops

  • Magazines

  • Alcohol

  • Eating out

  • Clothing

  • Chocolate & sweets

  • Presents

  • Books, CDs etc

  • Ebay & other impulse internet buys

August is when I’ll begin. From the first to the thirty-first. Family members with August birthdays do not fret. I’ll see you in September instead.

Will I be blogging about it? But of course.  


ganching- said...

I thought about doing exactly the same thing but I don't think I could bear not going to the cinema or exhibitions.

I could give up buying clothes, coffee, magazines and presents though only for a month.

Hageltoast said...

looking forward to seeing how this goes for you.

Anonymous said...

fantastic nelly, I'm semi-inspired too (though my 'non-spending' comes from necessity rather than choice)...good luck! i seem to remember last august you setting yourself a challenge that you succeeded with no problems at all...let us all know!!

mikey xx

Nelly said...

Ganching - you decide what's essential. For me coffee (for home use) is essential, for you cinema & exhibitions.

Hageltoast & Mikey - will keep you posted.

Mr Bolan said...

My advice to you all on the non-spending? Stop buying the Grunadian. And never, ever buy it again. Ever.

Though, to be honest, I dislike and despise the Indy almost as much.

Nelly said...

Why you hate the G so much? Go on - tell us.