Saturday, July 22, 2006

Eating His Greens

Bert said to me last night,

I've started to eat everything I see when I'm weeding in that garden.

What do you mean? You nibble on radishes and stuff?

No. I eat greenfly.

What do they taste like?

If they're on lettuce they taste of lettuce and if they're on beans they taste of beans. I was going to have a feed of those caterpillars we found on the cabbages but I couldn't because Raymond was standing watching me.

Sure the hens won't even eat those. They're probably bitter.

Maybe. I'd like to try them.

Would you eat slugs?

No. I draw the line at slugs. Unless they were cooked.


hootchinhannah said...

Get Bert on I'm A celebrity... he'd show em. He'd eat anything.

Sandra said...

It must be great when your good man is not a fussy eater. My friend's husband will only eat Chicken Dippers.

Ronni said...

I want to see the video.

Anonymous said...

it doesn't suprise me...but photos please

mikey x