Wednesday, July 26, 2006

In Praise Of Jeeves

I decided to check the oil and water of my motor but as usual I forgot how to open the bonnet. Yeah. Go on. Laugh. Bert is not here so I couldn’t ask him. I’ve been trying for about half an hour and I give up and started to look for the manual but I couldn’t find that either.

Then I thought – the internet! All knowledge resides there if you know how to ask. I tried Google but all I got there was manuals on Ebay. Then I remembered AskJeeves. So I AskedJeeves how do I open a Ford Fiesta bonnet and got this…

Northlondon - 18 Jul 2004 20:23 GMT
How do I open the goddammed bonnet??

pottsy - 19 Jul 2004 18:19 GMT
unmissable bright orange handle on the underneath of the steering column.

And there it was. Totally unmissable. Writing this post will ensure that I never forget again. I’ll think, now how do I open this again? Oh yes. Unmissable bright orange handle. Thanks Jeeves & thanks pottsy.


Caroline said...

The internet can be very handy. I have the same orange handle on my van and I didn't know where it was either when I took it for the MOT just after becoming the not so proud owner. The man doing the test sighed a deep sigh as he watched me grope around the floor trying to find a lever to pull and finally had the wit to say "It's the bright orange handle under the steering wheel".

You've reminded me that sometimes mechanical things need oil and water and I'll need to check that one of these days. There's never a man around when you need one but it's amazing how they turn up in droves when they think they're going to get fed.

Nelly said...

I find that washing the kitchen floor is a sure way to bring a man home.