Tuesday, July 11, 2006

It's War!

Current Update - Bert 2 Magpies 1

Went out to the hen house this morning to find the tell-tale signs of egg larceny by pica pica. The big thieving brute pecks a large hole in the egg then slurps up the goodness within. When they are starting to take the food out of our very mouths it's definitely war.

So it's off with us to the Gun Shop in Portglenone to stock up on shells & pellets. He's going to have a go with the shotgun as well for pica pica sitting in trees. As he explained to me he cannot fire upwards with the .22 as the shell could travel for miles and hit some poor unfortunate being.

Which unfortunate occurrence actually happened to someone I know whilst he was out shooting crows. Nobody died but it was nasty enough.

Meanwhile I'm the Gun Police. "Is that thing loaded?" "Break that bloody thing when you're not using it!" "Mind the dogs!" "Don't shoot that thing when I'm in the yard!" And finally, "Is your licence up to date?"


Adam said...

Is ammunition in your non-spending necessities?

Nelly said...

Anything that Bert normally buys does not count.

hootchinhannah said...

So you're sorted for booze then.

Hageltoast said...

If you know anyone who has a trap (Larsen/larken?) they are well worth a lend, mum borrowed one a few years ago, very affective. And dad stuffing magpies in a carrier bag and braining them with a brick coz he's no god at wringing necks led to much amusement at his expense. :)

Nelly said...

Well sorted for booze - today anyway.

The Larsen trap might be considered. I hear tho' that a permit/licence is required to use one. But like televisions they probably work OK without them.